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As a pillar of our regional center, a specialized scientific library focusing on space sciences, remote sensing and related systems, has been created and equipped so as to offer to its visitors (students, academics and researchers, from Tunisia and elsewhere) services which meet their scientific and research needs and requirements. This library contains a substantial number of books, journals and recent references specializing in the above-mentioned fields available in both paper and electronic version. In addition, coordination has been established with many institutions and scientific centers and Arab, regional and international organizations for the exchange of publications related to the center's fields of interest. Many important publications such as books and scientific journals are now accessible in this library as a result of scientific and professional relations maintained by the center and as part of international projects totally or partially implemented by the center. In this regard, we express our thanks and gratitude to all these regional institutions and organizations for their fruitful cooperation.

Some of the journals that are regularly delivered to the Centre's library:

-          The magazine "Al Fetyene" edited by ALECSO.

-          Coordinates Magazine.

-          Astrolabe Magazine.

-          Global Magazine for Geomatics.

-          Jane’s Defence Magazine.

-          Journal of Space Science and Technology.

-          The periodical of ALESCO.

-          Southern Space Studies « Springer Nature »

-         The International Society for Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing