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Center activities Focuses on:

Development the sector of remote sensing science in the institutions working in this area.

Coordinate among the Member States for joint projects.

Efforts in capacity building.


Scientific activities

1. Technical Cooperation: cooperation agreements

During the Second half of 2013 and 2014 the regional Center singed several scientific cooperation agreements with:

Union of the Arab Maghreb (Rabat - Morocco) UMA
Federation of Arab Scientific Research Councils FASRC
Arab Organization for Education, Science and Culture ALECSO
Arab Organization for Industrial Development and Mining ADIMO
Ministry of Agriculture in Tunisia DGRE
Office University Engineering Consultants, Libya. UECO
City of Science and Technology, Sudan. ACT
Africa Geospatial Sciences Institute (Stuttgart- Germany) AGSI



2. Capacity Building:

The Center establish several regional training sessions, held workshops in cooperation with regional and international organizations, and set up at least advanced training courses sessions yearly, organizing regional and international conferences, holding number of cultural camps, for the new generation of Member States, and strive with universities and specialized international institutes for fellowships and graduate studies for professionals



3. Joint Ventures Projects

The Regional Center oversees and coordinates the implementation of many of these projects with specialized institutions of the Member States in this area, for example:
- The use of remote sensing techniques and upstream systems to monitoring and follow-up study of the coastal environment. (CNCT & LCRSSS)!! Seeking funding!!
- Statistics of olive trees using remote sensing techniques and GIS (CNCT & GORS)
- Floods Study Project  Using Space Applications in the Countries of North Africa !! Seeking funding!!
- Regional Coordination on improved water resources management and capacity building (LDAS).


Future Projects
The CRTEAN is seeking funding for 4 large regional projects in 4 strategic North African priorities:
1- Desertification: land management and policies
2- Water Scarcity: With the NENA FAO Initiative
3- Food Security: 1 billion more Africans in 2050
4- Maritime surveillance: (illegal fishing & oil pollution)
Also The center seeks to develop the capacity of Member States in the areas of space science and technologies by helping them to transfer and localization of this technology through the involvement of specialists from these countries to join and participate in the design and manufacturing of this technology in cooperation and coordination with the leader in those areas states. 
All projects are based on the constitution of regional databases with indicators that are defined at a regional level (African Union AMESD Study Report, 2012).
Focus is on providing decision-making tools that are discussed before hand with the Users, and are not technology-driven, but operation-oriented and market-driven.
The CRTEAN welcomes links to donor agencies, institutional funding and cooperation programmes Future Projects