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1) Accept the entire journal Applied Research and Studies and the Academy of Sciences in the field of surveying and space.

2) Must be committed to a researcher not to send his research to the other until he gets replies magazine.

3) Must be committed to the researcher to follow the scientific foundations of sound in his research.

4) Must be sent his research to the Journal of copies printed, a summary in English, Arabic or French in the range of 8-12 line, and must be graphs and illustrations printed and clear, in addition to a copy Soft Copy, and font type Times New Roman 14 for English, 12 for English and French.

5) Must be written in the title search and the names and addresses of the participants in the whole Arab summary submitted to search in English or French.

6) Research to send arbitrators control specialists and confidentially.

7) If you accept the publication of research, the researcher is committed to amend it to fit with the proposals of the arbitrators, and the method of publishing the magazine.

8) Bear researcher or institution followed by the cost of research is published and which are equivalent to 100 dollars and the value of $ 50 for students.

9) Regulates the search as follows:

• Title Search - Researcher Name (researchers) - address (addresses) - Summary - Introduction - Materials and methods - Results - Discussion - Conclusion - the recognition of the efforts of helped in completing research that found - sources (references) - and a summary in English or French within [200] if the search word in the Arabic language and the Arabic language in the summary of the limits of [300] if the search word is written in English.

• The researcher followers globally agreed rules, in the field of abbreviations and conventions.

• draw shapes and graphs by a laser printer or the like, or by using the drawing tools so that they are clear and do not exceed the dimensions of 12 × 18 cm and noticed not write it by hand.

• must be numbered forms and typing keys terminology with reference to the location and all pages numbered sequentially including tables and figures that cause to search.

• Remember all the references mentioned in the text, to be written in the list according to the letters of the alphabet for the names of the authors and by nickname of the author and arrange each reference as follows:

The author's name - year of publication - Title Author - Publishing - encoded - thread
• Priority is given to research presented in the Arabic language.

• sends the researcher (researchers) [2] copies of the magazine free of charge as a gift / In case of request additional copies Fbmkabl researcher. It can deliver a researcher report that his research accepted for publication is supported from the center until publication.